Audiobook Recording


When sub standard recorded audio won’t do, use a professional recording facility and the best recording equipment and engineers available for a serious, experienced helping hand in the process of producing a finished audio book. We use the best professional recording equipment in our facility and offer high quality recording, editing and mixing services with engineer, as well as a complete production package options including music and sound effects libraries. We offer all technical output specifications.




Beginning with pre-production, we assess your project needs and go over scheduling the recording time, as well as delivering either raw-unedited tracks, or finished edited and “ready to go” audio for millions of potential listeners. Most narrators chose to record at no longer than 4-8 hours, and if you’re recording your own material, we can take scheduled breaks. We can split up the script into manageable sections, like introduction, credits, chapters, annotations, and or closing credits. We can do multiple takes to make sure we get the best most natural sounding take. Big projects can get complicated so it’s important to stay organized and take notes.

Consistency and professionalism
Keeping character voices consistent and accents and dialog realistic without making it sound too corny is important, as well as the pace and flow of the dialog. When in doubt, go back and listen to confirm that the tone of voice is consistent throughout the entire performance. Adding sound effects and music to the beginning or end of chapters can really enhance the listener experience as well. There are several self publishing resources you can utilize like audible, Amazon, Apple iBooks, as well as Spotify and iTunes.

Tapping into the audio book market
Tapping into the audio book market can be a game changer for authors. Welcome to the digital age where any person can have a million books at the the touch of a button in their pocket, and digital downloads can help boost your physical sales too. This growing market has listeners tuning in from cars, airplanes and mobile devices around the globe. You might be surprised to find out how many foreign listeners are interested in your book, and oftentimes, the price of an audio book is much less than the actual book because digital goods are cheaper to deliver to the consumer than physical pages or CDs. Finding your niche can be easier in the internet age, and an audio book can be an engaging way to enhance your listener experience past just reading the book. With sound effects, music, and realistic environment effects, your audio book can draw the listener in like never before, painting a cinematic picture closer to what the authors vision, almost like a movie without picture. Whether its fiction or nonfiction, it doesn’t necessarily matter. The goal of reader or listener engagement is the same, and studies have shown that more listeners retain more when listening to audio enhanced with sound effects that help jog the memory. narrating and highlighting the most important or interesting bits can really enhance the subject matter, and produce a more enjoyable experience for the listener.

Here’s a few additional tips for successful narration of an audio book.
Relax and turn off any unnecessary electronic devices like cell phone or ipad.
Read from a tablet, Kindle, or ipad with the sound turned off to avoid page turning noises.
Divide your production into manageable sections like chapters, to keep the file size manageable and organized
If you make a mistake, stop and re-record. You can use a clapper board, or clap your hands to mark the edit.
Keep the distance and volume of your voice consistent. You can back up for louder parts, but avoid getting quieter and quieter
If you are not speaking clearly or having trouble reading, take a break, have a drink of water or a snack
Be mindful of mouth noises, loud breaths, or lip smacks, tongue clicks or popping your Ps
If its a small mistake, try it over again quickly, or for a larger problem, try the whole paragraph or sentence over.
Once you’ve recorded, make sure your files are backed up. Power surges happen and all machines can fail, hard drives stop working etc. So a secondary or even third copy of the files on another computer or uploaded to the internet is crucial to avoiding a disappointing situation. We have backup hard drives, and do an offsite backup, and internet uploads as soon as possible.


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