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Record Label Support

Record Label Support


Music Publishing is the active pursuit to place and administer licenses for your music and get you paid for the music you create. There is a multitude of mediums that will pay to legally use your music, but our primary focus is placement in films. When you sign a contract with us, you allow us administrative rights to sell your music for you. For the services provided, BL4K:M4RKT Publishing will claim a portion of the composition’s profits. Contracts typically 50/50 split arrangement (50% for Publisher & 50% for Artist).

Digital Distribution

Digital Distribution refers to your online digital presence, where your music will be available to listeners through frequently used and trusted platforms like Spotify, Rhapsody, iTunes and more. Placing your music digitally lowers costs for listeners and increases profits for you. For our digital distribution services BL4K:M4RKT charges a one-time fee of $35 per album & $10 per single. There is also a monthly subscription of $4.99 to keep your music up and running on the multiple platforms that your music will be on. 100% of all royalties go directly to you!


The goal of marketing for BL4K:M4RKT artists is to increase exposure and discussion. We want your audience sharing and talking about your music, thus increasing your popularity and profitability. We will seek opportunities to get your music radio airplay, radio interviews, live sessions, and written coverage on music review blogs and magazines.


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